The Early Years team aims to improve outcomes for young children and families with particular focus on the most disadvantaged, so every child is equipped for life and ready for school.

Experienced and qualified staff are able to help support and inform parents/carers on a range of subjects including contraception, early education, children and special needs support.

Here at Cole Heath Locality, we offer a variety of services within the community to ensure we meet the needs of local families and children. We hold regular Parent Forums, which enables parents to have a say in our current and future activities.

We hold regular sessions across our 4 children's centres, such as:

  • Stay and Play sessions
  • Sensory Groups
  • Parenting Courses
  • Baby and Development Clinics

We work in partnership with the NHS Health Visitors to provide one to one support in your home within the first 3 months of having a baby, and then another visit within 6 months to deliver weaning advice.

For further information, please feel free to call the Early Years Team on 0121 675 5259.